Have a high monthly income but can’t get loans? There are different factors that can prevent you at this time, but you need to look carefully at them. With that in mind, Fundico has gathered points that may indicate why you didn’t get personal credit:


Is your name negated?

credit problem

Your monthly income is high, but is your name negated? Be aware that most financial institutions do not lend to people with negative CPF. And those who do have a high interest rate, which passes the monthly credit card rates, such as Crofisa.


Did you check personal data and documentation?

What if the problem is with your personal data or documentation? Everyone makes a mistake, and you may have typed in some wrong data or even forgotten to send proof of income to the financial institution for analysis. Therefore, we always indicate that before the order is submitted, that you review the credit application form to avoid suffering this type of error.


Was the credit requested high?


Have you considered if the amount requested was not more than you could afford? For example, if you have a monthly income of $ 10,000 and apply for a personal credit of $ 40,000, that means up to four times your monthly income. At this point, your financial discipline will complete the analysis, showing the institution that this value will not actually harm you.


Lack of financial discipline with monthly income

Therefore, it is ideal to have a current financial history that does not have many overdue accounts. “But the current economic scenario is not favorable.” Yes, that is still true, but it is not an excuse. Therefore, financial planning is essential for you to keep pace with your monthly income and not to hang on to small non-fixed expenses (housing, health, transportation and food).


Do you need collateral for this credit?

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Financial institutions have the right to refuse personal loans and / or financing if they feel that the client will not be able to honor the commitment. Even with a high income, they may be in doubt at the time of grant because they have no collateral if the credit is late or you cannot repay it. Read this post here , our credit line indications according to your purpose.


Your personal profile influences

Influence is a lot, you know? Private employees, employed by companies and with a formal contract, are more likely to get a loan than self-employed, for example. Just like your lifestyle, based on your variable spending – remember? those who are not the fixed ones. After breakfast coffee is an example. So choose carefully and search hard to get the best one for you!

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